Do Fish Sleep

Do Fish Sleep?

Whether fish sleep or not is a mysterious part of science which researchers are constantly trying to unravel. It is a given that fish, like ...
What Do Trout Eat

What Do Trout Eat?

One of the first questions a novice trout angler may ask would probably be - What do trout eat? The answer to this question seems simple...

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7 Best Books on Fishing

Fishing can be calming, grounding, and good for connecting with loved ones in a beautiful setting. It can also be adventurous, exotic, or ju...
Most Dangerous Sharks

7 Most Dangerous Sharks

Sharks are some of the most feared sea creatures in the world. However, you’re more likely to drown in the water than get killed by a shark....
Famous Fishermen

7 Most Famous Fishermen

Who are the most famous fishermen? Ever heard the story of the two fishermen who used their dead friend as bait and managed to catch a monst...