Florida is known to have some of the best fishing spots in the world.

Boasting a vast water supply that covers over 8000 miles of both fresh and saltwater. There are many areas to fish including lakes, oceans, bridges, piers, beaches, swamps, reefs and jetties.

If you have been looking for some of the best waters to explore and enjoy your weekend, then here are our 7 best places to fish in Florida.

#7 – Fort Myers Beach

Location26.451555, – 81.948273

This white sandy beach in Florida is perfect for fishing all day any day. It is sunny on most days with tempertures as high as 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and low wind and frequent waves. The beach also offers both fresh and salt water for a variety of fishing purposes.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

Fort Myers beach is mostly known for it’s on and offshore fishing, but there are also a bunch of other fishing styles enjoyed at the beach.

Fly fishing – sail your boat to a suitable place and enjoy the vast numbers of fish. Carry your fishing rods and lines plus a lot of lures for the fish.

Tarpon fishing – the tarpon is the most common fish found in the beach spots. Fishermen have been perfecting their skills here as the fish is found during most seasons in the year.

Pier fishing – you could also do some angling by the pier. Although there are certain rules that need to be observed while fishing at the pier.

Onshore fishing – if you come to fish and relax then the onshore fishing is the best spot to catch fish. The common species you can find include; the snook, the redfish, spotted sea trout, sheepshead, Jack crevalle, and mangrove snapper. With these, you do not have to have a lot of experience to catch them.

Offshore fishing – if you prefer some thrill and outdoor experience then take out a charter and head into the waters. You will find species like the shark, grouper, benito, barracuda, permit, blackfin tuna, cobia, and king mackerel.

Further Thoughts

What people love about fishing here is that there are plenty of spots to fish, you will not end up disappointed by the end of your fishing expedition.

The spots as well don’t run out of fish to catch. The above named species are just but a few of the fish that can be caught.

The beach not only offers fishing extracurricular activities, but you could also go sightseeing at the butterfly estate. There are many species of butterflies to admire.

You could also visit the Sanibel lighthouse or the Edison and Ford winter estates. If sightseeing is not on your bucket list you could do some hiking, kayaking or bird watching.

#6 – Destin

Location – 30.393534, -86.495781

This spot is known as the world’s luckiest fishing village, with the vast numbers of fish you can catch here, it will never be enough.

The spot is common ground for many fishermen and also a good starting point for the beginners. The sun shines on most days with a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air and humidity levels are also fishing conducive.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

As for the types of fish in the local area and the fishing techniques, we have

Inshore – most people actually prefer staying relaxed as they fish. You could land yourself some sailfish, triggerfish, ladyfish, blackfin tuna, speckled trout, and cobia.

Offshore – you could also take out a charter and do some deep sea fishing. You will find species like the barracuda, blue Marlins, and Spanish mackerel.

Further Thoughts

The area offers a lot of activities to do rather than fishing and also great numbers of fish to catch.

The area offers beautiful waterways, Sunset cruising, and snorkeling. A good place to sit out and relax. Take out your camera and enjoy the scenic views and the sunset.

#5 – Jacksonville

Location – 30.332184, – 81.655747

This spot in Florida is also a common area for many fishermen. It has both salt waters and fresh waters but the saltwater definitely dominates the area.

The temperatures are cool and humid on normal days and a subtropical feel in the air. The best times to fish must be the spring and summer seasons.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

The area offers many fishing opportunities for the novice and experienced fishermen.

River fishing – this is usually at the St John’s river. The area has a lot of potentials when it comes to fishing especially in the spring when the ice has thawed out well and the banks have reduced water levels. You can find a lot of fish at that time.

Backwater fishing – the shallow waters also give off conducive spots for fishing as some fish swim on shallow levels to absorb the warmth of the water heating at around midday.

Pond fishing – there is also pond fishing available in certain areas.

Bridge or pier fishing – if you don’t own a boat and you don’t want the hustle of looking for one, the pier could be a good spot to fish.

The area also has a lot of onshore and offshore fishing with the likelihood of catching species like the King mackerel, Spotted sea trout, the Redfish, Flounder, the Sheepshead, the Sailfish, Woohoo, Mahi-mahi, and Tuna.

Further Thoughts

People love the area as is offers many shops and coffee houses for people to wine and dine during their trip. People also love the humid temperatures in the area.

While at Jacksonville, you could also visit the Hemming park or watch the beautiful view of Sunset or the Riverwalk.

#4 – Tigertail beach

Location – 25.949004, – 81.742783

This beach is found on Marco Island. It is rather windy on most days but has good temperatures throughout the year. Most locals may describe the beach to have unstable waters.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

While at the beach, you cannot miss opportunities to fish at the many spots.

Pier fishing– the area has a raised bridge from where you can fish from. Most anglers actually like the area because it is rather easy to catch a fish.

Onshore fishing– as the other spots mentioned above, onshore fishing is rather common. You can get the red snapper, tarpon, redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and the Ladyfish.

Deep sea offshore fishing – this also gives opportunities to catch the likes of the mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and woohoo.

Backwater fishing – you could fish in small bays around the beach.

Bottom fishing – if you prefer you can also do some bottom fishing and get lucky to find a good-sized snapper, grouper, and amberjack.

Further Thoughts

Like the other spots in the area, it has excellent spots to fish and you can wine and dine from the dinners available at the beach. They serve really nice seafood.

#3 – Florida Keys

Location – 24.691402, – 81.189682

The Florida Keys is also a great spot to fish. It has temperature highs of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperatures are mostly subtropical giving off some humid air and wind. The area has both salt and fresh waters depending on the specific spot you go out fishing.

With the vastness covered by this spot. You can expect a lot of fish and techniques used here.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

Deep sea offshore – the spot could not be good enough if you could not go on the deep sea dive in search of the best the sea has to offer. You can take up a fishing charter and head out to catch the likes of snapper, grouper and Spanish and King mackerel.

Onshore fishing – also very common. You could take the fishing slow and wash and enjoy the sport.
Backcountry fishing – the area also has shallow waters on Florida bay where you can set out and go fishing.

Fly fishing – sports fishing is also common here. It is known as Islamorada. You can catch various species like the tarpon the snook, bonefish, permit, many varieties of snapper, Mahi Mahi, Mackerel, Blue marlin, grouper, Tuna, and Sailfish.

Bridge and pier fishing – is also the spot to try at Florida keys. You can land a snapper, Jack crevalle, Barracuda, and Amberjack.

Further Thoughts

The best part about this place is the fishing available to catch and the many spots to enjoy a meal. Nothing puts the icing on the cake like a good spot to est after you’ve been out fishing the whole day.

Despite fishing expeditions, you could take a trip to the Ernest Hemmingway museum both you and your family. You can also choose to go to John Pennekamp coral reef state park or the Natural key deer refuge park.

All great spots to visit and appreciate nature. Another great thing about the Florida Keys is their local key lime pie. The reviews on the area will have you running there to have a taste.

#2 – Tampa

Location – 27.950575, – 82.805489

Tampa is a tropical spot in Florida that comes windy on some days with the wind blowing about 11mph.

The average temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit with good humidity around of about 59%. The spot is also equally visible and has good pressures for fishing.

The peak months come in during the months of May to July. That is the best time to visit this spot.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

There are also plenty of fish and fishing techniques used here.

Pier fishing – this might be the most common type of fishing at Tampa. There are 3 main spots for pier fishing; the Fort depot county park, Sunshine Skyway bridge and long pier at Reddington Shores.

Offshore fishing – you can take out the charters and go fish some amberjack, grouper, snapper, cobia, king mackerel, and Mahi-mahi.

Onshore fishing – offers up tarpon, snook, redfish, black drum, spotted sea trout, Jack crevalle, and sheepshead.

Night fishing – it is said that most fish are nocturnal and prefer to fees when the sun goes down.

Bow fishing – this is some form of archery but you don’t actually need the skills.

Further Thoughts

People love the area because it has the largest open house water estuary and fish nursery. There is also much fish to catch.

Tampa has historical landmarks all over that you could visit besides taking up fishing. A good example is the Ybor city. It also has a nice waterfront you could relax by.

#1 – Panama City Beach

Location – 30.176592, -85.805489

The Panama city beach is known for its clear waters between the Gulf of Mexico and St Andrew’s bay. The area is packed with fish from that survive the freshwater and saltwater available at the beach.

The beach also offers white sugar- sandy beaches with blue-green waters. On a normal day, the beach has bright rays of sunshine all year and very good temperatures for fishing. The air and water levels are on average.

Fishing Techniques and Fish Species

Fishing at the beach is very exciting as there are so many fish to catch plus a bunch of techniques you can use.

Fly fishing– you could just take your boat out and head for the waters. Carry you fly rods and lines plus enough bait for the fish.

Pier fishing – the beach has 4 main piers; Russell, Fields, M.B. Miller and the county pier. All good spots to catch a fish.

Deep sea fishing – there are many charters to use. Offshore fishing offers the sailfish, king mackerel and Spanish mackerel, grouper, snapper, black tie shark, and the triple tail.

Onshore fishing– you can also get a lot of fish onshore like the cobia, the snook, the redfish, flounder, speckled trout, the sheepshead, tarpon, Jack crevalle, amberjack, and red snapper

Right off the beach fishing – yes, you can fish while still on the beach.

Further Thoughts

The beach offers both fresh and saltwater options of fishing spots, there is plenty of fish to catch but it would be better during the season. It is also open to the novice and experienced Fishermen.

The area has great environments to relax and unwind on any day. You could enjoy a day with your family and friends without having to fish.

Final Thoughts

As you have read above, Florida offers up some great areas and spots to fish. Plus you also get a huge variety of species to choose from.

The beaches have great areas to unwind, relax and eat among while not fishing. So, there you have it, our best places to fish in Florida are definitely worth a visit.