Do Fish Sleep

Do Fish Sleep?

Whether fish sleep or not is a mysterious part of science which researchers are constantly trying to unravel. It is a given that fish, like all other living cre...
How to Attract Fish

How to Attract Fish

Learning how to attract fish is quite a fascinating pursuit on more than one level. Firstly, I think it appeals to one of our most basic instincts, namely to...
What Do Carp Eat

What Do Carp Eat?

Firstly, carp are cold blooded creatures which means their body temperature is the same as their environment. Knowing this gives us a good clue as to what do ca...
What Do Trout Eat

What Do Trout Eat?

One of the first questions a novice trout angler may ask would probably be - What do trout eat? The answer to this question seems simple enough, but upon ta...
What Do Bass Eat

What Do Bass Eat?

Once you start getting interested in bass fishing, one of the first, inevitable questions that pops up is: What exactly do bass eat in their natural environment...


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